Which ecommerce platform to choose for your start-up business

In this article I review 3 ecommerce platforms, Shopify, Woocommerce and Magento as those are the three most popular ecommerce platforms in the market. Unless you are looking to build a custom ecommerce platform, within those 3 options you have the right fit for your business if you are running a small / medium size ecommerce business.

Choosing the right ecommerce platform for your business

If you are wondering this review based on, I have had a chance to work with several e-commerce businesses. And during that time I have learned the strength of each ecommerce platform.

In short, Woocommerce is the best option if you are looking to sell digital products such as music or graphic files. Shopify is the best option for small businesses selling physical good and Magento is the best option for more advanced users and businesses who have a large inventories and complex product variations.

Shopify - Get Started for free

Now, let’s take a closer look at the main benefits of each ecommerce platform.

Platform Shopify Magento Woocommerce
Monthly Cost from $29.99 (Free Trial) Free  Free
Hosting Shopify hosting (included) Host on your own server  Host on your own server
 Support  24h Shopify Support  Community forums Community forums
 SSL / Secure Payment  Included  Not included  Not included


Looking at the chart, the first thing you might notice is that Magento and Woocommerce are free. But the thing you should look at is, what do you actually get. And another thing is the support.


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