Choosing the right web hosting for you in 2017

Choosing the right web hosting in 2017

Choosing the right web hosting can be a daunting task, and once you get into studying all the details, it becomes more time-consuming than you would like.
I want to help you to make the decision making easier by explaining what are the things you should focus on when choosing a web hosting company.
If you are about to start comparing different web hosting companies, this article will hopefully save your time and money.

Note: this article is focusing on those who do not have much technical knowledge and are looking to host a small to medium size, personal or business website(s).

I have personally used over dozen of different web hosting companies, and I can tell you, there are differencies between them. Also, the situation changes pretty quickly in the web hosting field. A web hosting company (offering services for personal and small business use) could have had a good reputation 5 years but since then, their service has become less attractive.
One of the reasons might be that the competition has grown out of hands and the web hosting companies are just competing of the clients. And at the end they don’t have the interest or resources to provide a good customer service for their clients.

That is why it is very important to understand what do you actually get after you have subscribed to one of the services.
Of course, on the web hosting company landing page or “sales page” everything looks great, and they promise you unlimited disk space, bandwidth, 24 hours support, etc,. But you can only know how good the service is once you have subscribed to their service, and that’s when you most often get disappointed.

One rule of thumb is, never choose the cheapest hosting and cheapest hosting package you can find. At the end, you will end up spending more time trying to reach their (unreliable) support and figuring out why things don’t work on their control panel. And often you end up paying more money for the additional services in order to get what you need.

My recommendation for web hosting in 2017

My recommendation for website hosting in 2017 is Siteground.
The reason I have chosen Siteground this year is that they have a reliable support and their web servers are reliable and enough powerful for a personal use, small to medium businesses. That being said, I have had small problems with Siteground before but those are minor issues compared to some the other web hosting I have used in the past. Siteground has also the option to upgrade your hosting package if your website traffic is increasing or you are running a web application that requires more resources from the server. However, once you really start getting heavy traffic, it would be good to look other options such as Amazon Web Services. But for a personal use or small/medium size business, Siteground is a good place to start.

On Siteground, you can get started with $3.95/month and that is less than $50 per year. I am sure you can  a find cheaper web hosting deal, but from my personal experience, I can tell you, the service and quality of the hosting won’t be as good as on Siteground.

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